Kenoobi Reserve Talent Network(KRTN) is a community of professionals who apply their experience to project-based work with Kenoobi.

KRTN Community Members have the opportunity to build the career they want by selecting opportunities that match their interests and availability. KRTN offers access to challenging work and a collaborative environment – providing talented individuals with a chance to grow and develop new skills.

As a member of the KRTN Community, professionals will hear about the latest open opportunities, have the chance to tell Kenoobi about the type of work they seek, and be part of a vibrant professional community.

Who We Are?

Kenoobi Group is a leading technology services provider that helps organizations to optimize digital advantage to create customer value.

Our ambition is to accompany our clients in every stage of business with a consulting led approach – giving them every technology they need to have the courage to go forward in the digital era. 


    • Members of the Kenoobi Reserve Talent Network(KRTN) bring relevant experience to support Kenoobi Group on short-term projects and gigs
    • Kenoobi Group seeks a range of skillsets to support our diverse businesses


    • Members of the Kenoobi Reserve Talent Network(KRTN) select projects based on what attracts them – their passions, capabilities, and interests
    • Kenoobi Reserve Talent Network(KRTN) members have access to learn about Kenoobi and complete pre-boarding activities – positioning them to move quickly when an opportunity catches their eye

KRTN Community Members:

  • Have access to stimulating project work
  • Gain opportunities to learn about Kenoobi and get prepared to hit the ground running
  • Engage with Kenoobi between projects and have the opportunity to re-deploy quickly
  • Grow their network through a variety of project engagements

Become a Member of the Kenoobi Reserve Talent Network(KRTN)

  • Join KRTN by creating an online profile; you may also review project opportunities and submit an application.
  • If your profile matches ongoing skills-needs, a representative from the KRTN Team will connect with you by email or by phone.
  • If what we offer interests you and your skills are deployable against KRTN opportunities, we look forward to welcoming you into the KRTN Community.